Transform your home into a well-oiled machine with our all-in-one Household Bundle. Featuring nine powerful apps, this bundle provides everything you need to keep your household organized and running smoothly.


Tasks is the perfect tool for tackling your to-do list, with easy project tracking and status updates. With this app, you can track different projects, their individual tasks, statuses, and timeframes. Say goodbye to forgotten tasks and hello to a streamlined, organized household.


Chores is the app for anyone who needs help managing household tasks. With Chores, you can define the available chores and their frequency, and then assign them to someone. You can easily log when the next chore is due, and once it’s done, the person who completed it can mark it as complete. With Chores, you can ensure that everyone in the household is doing their part to keep things running smoothly.


The Birthdays app is an essential tool for keeping track of all the important dates and interests for everyone in your household. From names and birthdays to hobbies or interests, you’ll always be ready with the perfect present.




BudgetEye is the financial management app you’ve been waiting for. With this app, you can easily log your expenses and income with a description, amount, and date. You can even set monthly budgets to keep your household finances on track. With BudgetEye, you’ll always be in control of your household finances.

Dream Board

Achieve your dreams and goals, our Dream Board app can help. With Dream Board, you can write down your dream idea, set a start and end date, and assign a category and percentage stage to help you track your progress. You can also set a priority level, so you’ll always know which dreams to focus on first. Dream Board gives you the tools to make your dreams a reality.

You Should Watch…

You Should Watch… is the perfect app for keeping track of all the movies and series you want to watch. With You Should Watch…, you can easily include information like the source of the recommendation and the network it comes from. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and hello to a curated, organized watchlist.

Vehicle Maintenance

Manage your vehicles with ease using the Vehicle Maintenance app. Keep track of vehicle services, next service dates, mileage, and costs, and easily assign which vehicle has had service done. With Vehicle Maintenance, you can keep track of all your vehicle upkeep activities.


The Warranties app is the perfect tool for keeping track of all your important warranty information. With Warranties, you can easily log the product, purchase date, expiry date of the warranty, cost, and even upload the receipt. Say goodbye to lost warranties and hello to organized and accessible warranty information.


With Staff, the ultimate people management app, you can easily keep track of all the important information about the people in your household. From names to phone numbers, you’ll never lose touch with your loved ones again.


Say goodbye to disorganization and hello to productivity. Keep your household running smoothly and efficiently!

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