What You Are (and Aren’t) Paying For

If you’ve checked out our Understanding the Data Structure post, you know there are several layers of data that make up the apps you use. Once you start your Org(anization), set up a bunch of apps, and invite your team to join, you’ll probably start wondering how you’ll end up paying for it all.

Lucky for you, with Appanzee there’s so much included for free that what you aren’t paying for is a more impressive list, so that’s where we’ll start. Like you can see on the Pricing Page, you get the following just for making a free account:

  • Unlimited users in your Org
  • Unlimited pre-built apps for your Org directly from the App Store
  • Free reign to reconfigure those same pre-built apps to meet your exact needs
  • Unlimited custom, build-your-own apps, made by you for whatever you need
  • Documentation in the form of our knowledge base Resources, like the article you’re reading now
  • Email support should you need any further help

Unlimited apps means there’s no limit on the number of Entities, Fields, and dashboard reports that make up the apps themselves. With all of this free stuff you may still be wondering:

What are you paying for?

The answer is simple: Rows.

Once you start using your apps — every time you insert an employee into Human Resources, a task into Projects, a participant into Secret Santa, or an activity into Carbon Footprint — a new row is created. A new row is also counted for each file you upload.

Any rows created in the apps within your Org count towards your Org’s row count. You can keep making new rows absolutely free until you hit the magic number: 1,000 rows. At this point, you won’t be able to make another row until you subscribe to the premium plan, where you’ll pay a metered $5 per month, per 5,000 additional rows you use. This means if you use:

  • 6,000 rows or fewer you pay $5
  • 6,001 to 11,000 rows you pay $10
  • 11,001 to 16,000 rows you pay $15
  • and so on…

Note that you always pay $5 for your first premium month, after that your rate is calculated based on the maximum rows you’ve used during the previous month.

How do I know how many rows I’m using?

Once you’re logged in, every Appanzee page will have a progress bar at the bottom showing how many rows to go until your Org’s next payment milestone:

Also, you can visit your Org Dashboard to see how many rows you’re using as well as an app-by-app breakdown:

Time for an example

Now that you know the pricing scheme, let’s run through an example timeline. Note that the rows numbers and timeframe used are for example purposes only; you may create rows a lot slower — or maybe even faster — depending on how you use Appanzee.

On January 1st, you create your Org, add some apps, and invite your team. In the month of January you rack up 800 rows, so you’re still using Appanzee absolutely free.

On February 14th, your team adds its 1,000th row. From here you’re not able to enter any more rows until you subscribe to the premium plan. You enter your payment info and pay $5 for your first month of use.

By March 14th, your team has a total of 2,000 rows. You’re still within the 1,000 + 5,000 = 6,000 rows available at your $5 tier, so you pay $5 for a renewed subscription.

In late March, your team goes on a row-adding spree and balloons your row count to 6,500. You decide to do some cleanup, delete some row, and get the count down to 5,800.

On April 14 — since the maximum row usage of your Org in the last month was 6,500 — you pay $10 total. Even though you finished the month with 5,800, you still went over 6,000 rows last month.

On May 14th, after a quiet month, your row count increased to 6,000, and you pay $5 for your decreased usage during the last month.

And now you know everything there is to know about Appanzee pricing!